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Beautiful Dubuque Visit

I’m in the states for three a three week trip and spend the first week where I lived the last 8 years before going to Ireland- Dubuque IA. All the pictures are below! It was incredible to visit with family, friends, friends who are like family and even meet some new people in beautiful charming Dubuque Iowa. I can’t believe I got to go to my friend’s Ashleigh and Steve’s wedding, see old stomping grounds, feel hot sunshine, and even speak about Ireland seven times in less than a week. God is amazing!

The beginning of the week was quite overwhelming for me. It wasn’t just because of retro culture shock, different pace of life, being able to drive my moms car around freely or store selection. The biggest difference was how many believers I saw and met with in such a short amount of time. My heart almost couldn’t take it all in.

I’m so glad distance and time hasn’t changed how much I love these people. You all mean so much!! I guess once you’re my friend, well, you’re stuck with me ;] It was so cool to just pick right back up where we left off with some friends and families. By the end of the week I just felt like a normal person again and made me think coming for visits is so doable.

Thank you everyone for amazing hospitality, interest and generosity. I’ll look forward to when I an come visit again next time. Now off to Louisiana and Minnesota before ending my trip in central Iowa with Family!




Missionary Conference

Two weeks ago I was able to go to a European missionary conference in the French Alps near Annecy – I can’t believe I was able to go!!

My prayer going in was that God would remind me how wonderful He is. It was a restful, spiritually refreshing time but I was most taken back by the incredible kindness and care I experienced from all these other missionaries who are in the same type of hard service as me. I saw Christ through them, and yes, He is wonderful. I was incredibally blessed.

There was brilliant speaking about the minor prophets and helpful talks about burn out  it was so good to look at these things and hear how so many others ministry workers go through it. The whole atmosphere had no masks or pretenses-no pressure to impress but just be together.

Thank you Lord for making it possible to go. Now I’m ready for a three week visit to the states through September -mostly going around sharing about the ministry in Ireland.

Again and Again – But With New Insight

Isn’t it funny that the same scripture can come up again and again and though you’ve gotten a lot out of it before, all you thought you could, something fresh and new jumps out. During this first year and a half of being in Ireland, Psalm 27 has been in the center and keeps coming up as my theme passage. It talks about a heart’s desire to gaze on the beauty of the Lord, to seek His face, to fear not but be strong and let your heart take courage. This psalm is so beautiful and resets my focus from distractions, pressures, challenges, the goals, desires and trudging, to remember that this is eternal life, to know the only true God. The desire in this psalm is just to seek His face.

This last week there were three occasions where I was walking in Dublin City center and ran into someone I know. I couldn’t believe out of the thousands and thousands of people who walk through those streets I would happen to be in the same exact place and time as a friend of mine, let alone three different friends at three different times. Tonight God put a cherry on the top. When I was heading home from a long day in town my bus driver paused for a moment, I looked up and saw one of my elders from my tiny church who’s a bus driver. Again, this had to be just the perfect circumstances out of the hundreds of people he would have come on His bus and that I would happen to wait for the stop at that right time.

With each of those incidences of running into a friend, I was walking along on my own, getting from one place to the next and then I look up. I’d be sauntering by, seeing countless passing strangers and then see a face, a familiar face, a face of a friend. Suddenly my face would bust into a smile, I’d get an extra skip to my pace and my backpack would even get lighter. It’s just so nice to randomly meet with people who mean something to you when you’re in a busy city. This is the feeling I thought of as my friend shared Psalm 27 with me again this week and the parts that talk about God’s face or seeing Him and she pointed out the seeking of His face would be time in the word. When we seek His face, when we get to see His beauty and spend time inquiring in His temple -do we make that connection of the joy and light and refreshment in it? – Wow He’s so special, what a privilege!