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Visit to States – Emily’s Wedding

This end of December to the end of January I was so blessed to be able to have a visit to the states for my sister Emily’s wedding and was able to come early enough for Koppen family Christmas. Here’s a pic of my dad sharing some thoughts from the word before we opened presents (I love my family!). What a gift to be there.


It was so nice to be able to help Emily and Drake get ready for their wedding and spend some good time with them before the big day :] Drake is a godly man and I’m so thankful that Emily will be well taken care of. Pray for them as they wait on a job in Drake’s field to open up that will determine where they will live for the next couple of years. They both have missions experience and are open and willing to serve the Lord where ever they go.

image    Bridesmaids, Drake and Em

It was great to be with my family and to visit my church families for a visit but I felt away from Ireland too long! I kept asking God to use the time and thought He might have a few things in mind. I was very excited to meet up with Dave and Jaime Coulson who are a young family very much interested in ministry in Ireland. Dave is graduating form Emmaus Bible College this May. God’s timing is amazing that I was able to finally meet up with them as they are seeking the Lord on what their next step should be now. Please pray for them as they are at the very beginning stages of taking steps of faith to see if God might open doors for them to come to Ireland to work with young families and teenagers. Pray for them also if God’s plan is to have them wait- I definitely know that path well and the lessons/experiences that can come from it.


Please pray for me now as I’m thrilled to be back and ready to see what the Lord has for me! There are three or four different college age christian girls who I’ve met up with last week and am praying about getting a study group together with them so they can have some support in the college world. I’m also trying to think ahead to what kind of outreach we can get going this summer for youth in the area.

Thank you for keeping me and especially Ireland in your prayers!

Let the networking begin!


What a week! My first few days in Ireland were all filled up with simply adjusting. This last week, man, I’m telling you! God has started to open up the opportunities for networking :] I now have my visa (praise the Lord!!) and have been able to start a longer term mindset and get more rooted in. I’ve been able to meet lots of ministry leaders and hear of some things God has been stirring up with youth ministry. One of the local youth workers I had coffee with said that I’m “dipping my toe in every pool” and I like to think of it as taking inventory of ministry opportunities around and tuning my ears in to God to see what He wants me to be involved in :] Below I have some pics highlighting the crazy full week of the start of networking God’s providing.

To start off, Kaitlyn Howden arrived from Canada for her gap year to help out in Ireland in any way she can. We are going to be roomies! She’s only been here one week but has already been amazing to have! She has a huge heart for service and is ready to do any crazy opportunity that presents itself. I like to think of her as my protege or maybe minion ;]


Saturday I was able to come to a woman’s conference in Dublin and met lots of wonderful ladies


Tuesday Kaitlyn and I went to check out the immigration office (thinking I might not even be seen) and ended up staying for 12 hours and walking away my visa!!

Got my visa -today! It took 12 hours from beginning to end but went so smoothly it was only God :]

Nate Bramsen was speaking in Ireland and got me connected in Gorey with a whole youth group that’s pretty student led – SO exciting! These students have been part of the kids clubs that the Shanks helped put on. They are excited to share with to share the gospel with their friends in the biggest school in Ireland! God’s really put them on my heart to just encourage and invest in.


Kathy Moriarty got me and Kaitlyn connected with an outreach to the travelers at a horse fair in Ballinasloae. We met lots of ministry minded people who had gathered to share with these amazing people. We visited travelers in their caravans, sang in singing competitions, and talked with gypsy fortunetellers who’s families are all getting saved.


image  image  image

Phew! What a week! To end it, I’m headed up to the north and back tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what is in store for next week ;]





Hi, my name is Heidi. I’m a regular country girl from Iowa who the Lord has called to be a missionary in Ireland. I plan to move to Dublin this September. I’ll be working with a local church to start up youth ministry outreach, as well as Bible conferences, and I’ll also be helping out a bit with camps and other existing ministries around Southern Ireland.

I hope to update this blog often using different categories that are listed in the menu on the top of the page. These categories will be

  • Day to Day – Personal reflections on what God is teaching me
  • Ministry Updates – Quick stories of what the Lord is doing in the ministries I’ll be involved with
  • Points of Interest- Culture – Zoom in on different aspects of the culture so you can feel like you’re here with me
  • Video Updates – Just in case you get tired of reading ;]
  • Travel Adventures – I’m sure I’ll have a few funny or interesting stories from going on little adventures around this amazing country we call Ireland.