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Daily Archives: December 14, 2015

Ladies Christmas Craft Night in Drum

The Lord gave me another great speaking opportunity up in the Cavan area with Drum Gospel Hall. Liza McMeekin organizes an annual ladies craft night during the Christmas season. They always have a speaker give a thought and their speaker this year their speaker wasn’t able to do it so they thought of asking me. It was so great to be able to share a thought with about 60 moms and daughters from their community. God is so good to give me opportunities to speak already!

I gave a “Christmas thought” talking about the image we get of Christ as a baby, and the image of Him on the cross -both moments of the most humble and vulnerable positions He ever was. I had us take a minute to think of the image Revelation 1 gives us of Christ in His glory, reaching out with His right hand to touch John in gentle compassion. This gives more light on the humility it took for Him to go to the positions of coming as a human and going to the cross in order to provide for us to have a restored relationship with Him.