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Daily Archives: May 19, 2016

Pray for ‘eteam’ 2016

Hello my dear friends,
I just wanted to ask for prayer for the team of women that I’ll be leading for the next three weeks. [Sheeba, Kathryn, Tamara, Shelby and Leah] They all arrive tomorrow morning and I will drive them home in a rented 7 seater MANUAL DRIVE car!!! Please pray for all of us in the next couple of days that we would be well bonded as we will just be meeting and that we can get organized and over jet lag quickly. Pray for me that I would be able to lead them well be able to make loads decisions along the way. Pray for the people who we will be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ’s salvation with and for our hearts to be soft to His leading.

This is a beautiful land and has amazing people in it. I’m so thankful for these women who are willing to give their time and make the effort of getting outside of their comfort zone to come offer light and truth in this place. Wanting to focus on Christ’s heart of compassion for people that moved Him to action. Would you join in with us and commit to drenching the efforts in prayer? This is His work and we desperately need Him.

You can follow what we’re up to on www.facebook.com/eTeams