Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

Hold It All With An Open Hand

I once read a discipleship book that explained that we must hold everything in life with an open hand. It says that because everything belongs to Him we need to be willing let go otherwise He may need to pry our fingers when He sees it as best to take it away.

Well, I’ve been learning a bit more about this concept because I am facing the thought of selling almost everything I own and moving out at the end of May. I never thought of myself as materialistic but.. I like my stuff. It’s taken a long time to get a full house filled with nice furniture, myriads of books, sweet vintage kitchen things and decorations as well as all my impressive amount of clothes. I like it all and  I’m quite sentimental so it’s honestly hard to let go. But what affects me much more than the prospect of reducing my things down to a few suitcases and even staying in people’s spare rooms for three months, is thinking of the people I will be leaving.

My friends are like family to me and my church is a central part of my life. My roommates are moving on in two months and I will be leaving my church and everyone else in five. How am I going to say goodbye to my Jr. High girls, to families I’ve had small groups with and to all of the people I love at Emmaus and house church? I will need to let go of my life as I know it and put it all, along with my future, in His hands. Elisabeth Elliot said, “If my life is once surrendered, all is well. Let me not grab it back, as though it were in peril in His hands but would be safer in mine!” He is ever faithful, ever true, and He offers to be my friend. I must hold it all with an open hand.

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