Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

Learning to rest in Him – even through it all

Do you ever struggle in finding time to rest in the Lord or knowing how to Rest in Him? The reason I haven’t written in over a month is because life got even more hectic and I’ve been going through a lot of transition. I hope to be able to be more consistent with blogs I promise ;]

To fill y’all in on the happenings this last month I’ll give you the major things. First off, early this month our rent was up and my roommates and I prepared to part ways. I decided what to keep and take to Ireland with me; basically clothes and books ;] With everything else, we had a huge garage sale at a borrowed parking lot spot at a church right by our house. We had lots of help and people were so generous and to top it all off, God gave us a beautiful sunny day. So thankful!!!

That week I moved in with a sweet family from church, K.T. And Christy Leverentz. They prayed about it and decided to take me in for the summer so I wouldn’t be homeless. Ive had fun adjusting to being in a new place and being prt of this family with 4 little kiddos. Hopefully even with my traveling I can spend some good time with them.

That next week I had a visit with the church I did my youth min internship with five years ago. It was a great and encouraging time with them and I came home refreshed and ready to finally fill out my visa applications.

After months of research and help from my church here and in Ireland I had everything prepared and waited for the right time to apply. On the 16th I submitted my application online and it was sent to Chicago consulate. I was going to submit my supporting documents and I called the consulate for details on the form of payment. This quick request turned into a long, almost argument with representative lady. She said I filled out the wrong paperwork and if I sent in my supporting documents she would sent it all right back. She suggested that I need to go through a whole different process.

After that call I spoke with all the people who had helped me and picked out this visa and we’re all surprised and frustrated because it doesn’t match up with the advise from the Dublin immigration officer from earlier enquiries. They told me to sit tight for w few days until they figure out what my next move should be.

I’ve been so stressed and busy trying to have everything perfectly ready for this visa and was so excited for the relief of having this out of my hands. Now we have to figure everything out all over again. All the emotions of letting go of all my things, my house and my roommates caught up with me, topping it off with this new dissapointment and the great unknown of what my next year will look like.

I can see that God wanted to take away everything I held onto for security so that I can realize I need to look to Him and trust His plan. I’ve been waiting over a week to hear back from my leaders and have been thinking about true rest. It’s not just physically slowing down to breathe but truly Trusting in Him -even in the midst of all this craziness and business. It’s been a good week :]

Much more pondering, and lots of waiting or quickly taking action lies ahead. But one thing is sure – God is Good and He is with me.


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