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Less of me, more of You- His strength in my weakness

This past month I got to serve at Lakeside Bible Camp in WA and Camp Li Lo Li in NY as a cabin leader/rep for Emmaus. The summer theme for Lakeside was super heroes and the call to action. The speaker did a great job using different super heroes each day as his main illustration points. It was a great way to relate to these teens about what the bible says we have in common with those stories and how some point to Christ who truly is the greatest and best super hero of all. Interestingly enough, God wanted to teach me some new perspective that a lot to do with superheroes…

I was looking forward to these weeks of camp for months and was so stoked to come in freshly rested and ready to go. This was my last time to serve at camp before heading to Ireland this fall and I was going to really give it my all. I wanted to go out with a bang and try to make an impact on the teens I interacted with.

Well, I got quite a different experience.. I had a group of girls with a lot of drama and some difficult things to work through. It took a lot more supervision and energy to motivate than most groups. My co-counselor and I found ourselves spent just trying to keep track of our girls, so I wasn’t able to invest much in the rest of the campers. I realized that I wasn’t making the “impact” I usually get to. I felt like I was failing Emmaus because most didn’t really who I was. I wasn’t the superhero that I was hoping to be.

Early in the week, there was a message about boasting in our weakness because then He is strong. I started to realize that this weakness wasn’t just the lack of strength but also in moments of failure. I’ve always struggled with the idea of failure and this week definitely had moments of failure, especially failing to meet my own expectations.

During my quiet time in the beautiful woods of Washington, God asked me a question that really struck me. (By the way if you don’t have quiet time of reading the bible and talking and listening to the Lord-do it! He really will speak to your heart, but sometimes not with what you want to hear ;] He said to me, “Are you willing to be a nobody for Me?” “In Ireland, would you be ready to be a nobody if that’s what I ask?” Wow. Of course my answer is yes, but it really took me back. I know I’ve been afraid of getting a missionary status-almost a celebrity in some people’s eyes. The truth is that I’m going for the purpose of dying to myself and serving in any way I can. This is the same call for all of us isn’t it? To get out of the way, giving up rights, becoming a ‘nobody’, lowering yourself so you can empower others and uplift only the name of Christ. My greatest prayer for Ireland is that His name would be made great-not mine. This question from the Lord, this blunt eye opener, is totally on point. I’m so thankful that He is faithful and merciful to tell me what I need to hear.

That week I didn’t swoop in to save the day, I didn’t give amazing speeches that left the crowd breathless and when the biggest action was happening, I stayed in my little corner and prayed. I watched girls have no dependence on my wisdom but I saw God draw hearts to Himself. He is the one with the power to melt the hearts of stone and bring redemption and restoration to broken lives. He is the only one who will always be there. He’s the one to look to.

That week I learned that I’m not the super hero that needs to rescue anyone- No I’m simply the bat signal. There to point out the one who we really need to call on- The Lord Jesus Christ!


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