Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

It’s almost time!

I’m officially leaving for Ireland next week [Sept 23]! Five years ago I said yes to God about going to serve in full time missions work and now it’s finally coming to a reality. It’s so hard to say goodbye to all of the people who have been such a big part of my life but I’m so excited to take this next big step in following God’s leading to the mission field.

Please pray for me that He would give me strength to say goodbye and that He would take away fears/insecurities about starting this new stage of ministry in Dublin. I have related a lot to Gideon lately and realize that God really was patient with his fears and would give him signs to help him see his power. In Judges 7:15 Gideon’s response for God’s encouragement was Worship. Please pray that God would keep bringing my heart to that state of total surrender and worship, that I would recognize who He is and that nothing will be through my efforts but His work.

Thank you everyone for your prayer, support and encouragement – I totally need it!!

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  1. Aww Heidi! I’ll miss you here. But I am so excited for you. I’m happy you are following God’s leading. He only gives good gifts! Even though saying goodbye is hard, remember, it’s not forever. Love you!

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