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In Ireland

Finally here but hit with some news

I can’t believe that God has finally brought me to Ireland! It’s been five years since I’ve said yes to God about coming and now here I am. Though it’s been four years since I’ve been here, when I arrived it all felt strangely normal (might take a while to figure that one out lol) it was so wonderful to see some of the wonderful people I’m so excited to team up with and to get settled into “my old room” in Glen Maris House where the church meets.

The first day I arrived, though, I got some hard news from back home. Earlier that morning my grandpa passed away unexpectedly. He was 90 this year and getting a bit frail but not sick with anything. He simply had a heart attack out of the blue. He’s a believer so that makes all of the difference but it’s so hard not to be there for my mom right now. It’s so odd to me that this was the timing of everything for him to die the very morning I arrived in Ireland after all of these years.

If you would -please pray for my mom, Becky and for my grandma Sherley. Grandma has dementia and only has a few ppl she feels familiar with. This will be hard.


Before I heard the news, my mind was swirling with all that’s ahead of me here and wondering what this ministry will end up looking like, how to build a foundation and what I need to get done as I settle in. When I heard of grandpa Bob passing, everything got all turned around and mixed up in my emotions. A bit too much to handle. That night I was having trouble sleeping and realized my red flag- oh, my heart is anxious, I’m not resting in my Lord. I need to stop, get out of bed and on my knees right now! I had a wonderful time with the Lord and just so sensed His closeness! I realized that I don’t need to pray for ‘me’ or ‘I’ -I can pray ‘us’ and ‘we’ because He and I are in this together, we’re going to face every moment together. Every excitement, every disappointment, every challenge, every grief and every joy. I don’t need to figure everything out now (though I’ll need lots of reminders not to try), we’re taking this one step at a time, hand in hand. I guess that’s what walking with the Lord means :]

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  1. Heidi, I’m praying for you! I was in Italy when I heard my grandpa was really sick and I got to see him one last time when I got back home before he passed away. It’s definitely hard to be so far away in hard times, but God is always near.

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