Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

Pics from Step Conference and Friends-Giving Dinner

Kaitlyn and I joined our friend Emily to a conference last week and it was so wonderful! It was a good mix of young adults from different parts of Ireland who were so fun to meet. We sat under good teaching, played games, ate good food, got no sleep aimageimagend had brilliant discussion times.

Such a great weekend at a conference in Ahlone at Castledaily


Later that week we had a great time at Penny’s place for Friends-giving Dinner


This last one is from when Penny asked me to put the ice cream on a plate.. image

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  1. Looks like your having many rich experiences, Heidi. Some guy named Ron was at Plymouth Bible Chapel tonight and said that he knows you, said that he picked you up at the airport. Good guy with an inspiring message. Good to hear that you obtained your visa. Praying for you in Plymouth.

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