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First Endeavor with Community Kid’s Club

I’ve been praying and waiting for God to give me direction as to what kind of ministry I can start up. This last month He kept burdening my heart for this little community of 12 apartments in a small cul de sac tucked away around the corner from me. I decided to see if they’d be okay with me putting on a three day kids club over easter break in their lawn and the response was great. Now, this was way out of my comfort zone for me to organize a kids club for little children, but I was so sure God was putting it on my heart so I just wanted to be obedient with it.



A lot of prep work went into planning crafts, stories, and activities and getting a team together. It went amazingly!! God is so incredible. We had everything outside so we needed nice weather and that’s just what we got :] The third day was supposed to be rainy and cold but God parted the clouds and it ended up being sunny and warm for our egg hunt. I almost cried because this miracle of the weather was so sweet of God to provide for these kids. The first day we had about 8 children come out, the second day we had 12-15 kids and on the third day we had 27 kids by the end! It was so exciting that they had invited some friends and relatives from other neighborhoods. Afterwords we had a nice chat and a cup of tea with some of the mums before packing up.


Most of the kids were really young, about 3-6 so I planned to do a craft with a bible story and we sang the same songs every day. For the first day we planted seeds with cotton balls in a clear cup and talked about the easter story of Christ dying for our sins and being buried and raising to life on the third day. Day two we talked about Noah’s ark and how God made a way to save him and we need to be saved too. We made paper boats and had face painting (It was a big hit). The third day we made sheep with cotton balls and popsicles sticks and google eyes and the story was how Jesus is the good shepherd and we are like sheep who have ‘gone astray’ and we need to come to Jesus. Then to end all the activities was the egg hunt that went amazingly well.


So thankful for God’s opportunity to get to know this close knit little community. So thankful that I didn’t mess everything up ;] I actually felt like this was a learning experience that God wanted to give me more confidence that with His leading and total involvement we’re more capable of starting some cool things than we know. And now I’m praying that I would know what to do next so serve this sweet community. I mentioned coming to do some activities during the summer and they said it would be great. God is good :]

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