Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

Prayer request for tragedy in Gorey

I would love prayer for teenagers in the youth group with the bible study in Gorey that I’ve been involved with. This week a 14 year old girl from their school died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage during her gaelic football match. It’s made such an impact on the community that the school closed for the day of her funeral. I can’t imagine what it must have meant for all who knew her and for all who were at the match as well. Please be praying for her parents, coaches, teachers and students of Gorey Community School which may be many as it is the largest school in all of Ireland. Please pray specifically for the teens I work with who know Christ as their Lord and savior that they would have opportunity to share Christ’s love and comfort to everyone at the school who are so shaken and really shine light as they may be able to face this tragedy differently than those around them because of the hope and truth they personally stand on. I’m praying that God might be able to draw young people to Himself as they are faced with the reality of how fragile we are and how important it is to know Him.

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