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In Ireland

Square peg that could

As adults we’ve been around ourselves enough that we can get a pretty good grasp of how we’re designed and what we’re well suited for as well as what we’re not. One thing I felt I have concluded about myself is that I love children but running ministry for them is not my thing. I’ve had many attempts before and I’m all thumbs. For some reason, I can totally role with the punches in many settings with teenage and college age ministry. In fact, investing in and challenging people of those ages is the joy of my life. Children on the other hand, totally intimidating. I panic that they’re someone else’s little child, they want to dive in your arms for hugs but child protection says don’t touch them, and I have no idea how deep spiritually they can actually go.

These past two months have been quite interesting. Guess what God has been having me heavily involved with – children ministry! It’s been summer projects, CEF clubs, and holiday bible club’s in three different cities. Can you believe it? It’s been amazing, but so different than what I would have thought I’d be doing here. I think God might be stretching me with this very valuable and important ministry that I have always overlooked and maybe even avoided.


I’m so thankful for what I’ve learned from watching such gifted people at work this summer. For most of the clubs I’ve simply been an added helper as I’ve come alongside the experts, but this last weekend I was actually organizing and leading a children’s ministry for a conference in Waterford. I had the chance to try the new teaching method I learned with Simply the Story. Though I was a bit nervous it went really well. I had help from Holly, a new friend from Kilkenny (Ruth), and two 15 year old girls (Ruby and Anna) who I work with in Gorey. God really lead it and it was really neat.


My heart will probably always be with teens and college age ministry but I want to be willing to bring a word from God’s scripture to anyone. I’m thankful that His ministry doesn’t rely on my gifting or even my ultimate vision. Sometimes He will put a square peg in a round hole just to give you so new perspective and to show off some of His baffling power and purposes.

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