Heidi Koppen

In Ireland

Missionary Conference

Two weeks ago I was able to go to a European missionary conference in the French Alps near Annecy – I can’t believe I was able to go!!

My prayer going in was that God would remind me how wonderful He is. It was a restful, spiritually refreshing time but I was most taken back by the incredible kindness and care I experienced from all these other missionaries who are in the same type of hard service as me. I saw Christ through them, and yes, He is wonderful. I was incredibally blessed.

There was brilliant speaking about the minor prophets and helpful talks about burn out  it was so good to look at these things and hear how so many others ministry workers go through it. The whole atmosphere had no masks or pretenses-no pressure to impress but just be together.

Thank you Lord for making it possible to go. Now I’m ready for a three week visit to the states through September -mostly going around sharing about the ministry in Ireland.

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