Heidi Koppen

In Ireland


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Prayer Requests

  • Approval of my Visa Extension Application
  • Upcoming start of the school year and weekly ministries (youth group, moms and tots group, kids club, and hopefully a bible study / music ministry nights)
  • Provision of support


Sending support through CMML

I know what a difference your prayer and support makes and I know I need it. I partner with an organization called CMML -Christian Missions in Many Lands. I will be in a missionary prayer handbook as well as their free monthly magazine (you should subscribe!) If you would like to support me and the work in Ireland on a monthly basis (tax deductible), just go to the link CMML Giving and fill out the forms.

~Thank you for wanting to be part of this ministry.

One comment on “Support”

  1. I am a full time missionary in the states but a year ago we visited Ireland on vacation (holiday as they say). In the last several months God has been showing us that He is leading us to Ireland. What Visa option did you pursue? Anything that you can tell us to help?

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