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God’s Timely Encouragement

A Day to Day Post

Wow. God’s timing is pretty amazing, especially when He wants to get my attention and tell me a little message. This time the message was, “Heidi… Heidi listen to me. I am the one leading you and I won’t lead you wrong. I will provide for you and I will use you to challenge, strengthen, and encourage others. You really need to trust Me.”

Is it possible to struggle to believe these things that I know to be true? I feel like the man who said to Jesus “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” (Mk 9) I’ve felt this way when people ask me how fundraising is going and how plans are for getting to Ireland. At times, I’m not quite sure what to answer other than “I’m sure God will provide when I need it.”  Then I worry that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to.

Tuesday my elder met with me to help talk through finances and future budgeting. There’s a lot he tried to help me wrap my mind around and that he challenged me with. Everything together left me feeling pretty overwhelmed with decisions and concepts and tasks.  I came home that night to find a letter in my mailbox that could’t have been more timely. In fact it was unmistakably a message from my sweet savior.

The letter was from a friend I met at camp. She talked about how God had put me on her heart and she was challenged and encouraged by my ‘George Muller like faith to go to God for my needs.’ It’s crazy to think that I could be a blessing just because of my personal faith with God. I was just floored by her encouragement. She even sent me a large gift of money saying “this is what God told me to send” as an encouragement to help as I prepare. Her faith and sensitivity to the spirit is amazing. God really used her letter to speak strait to my heart. He made the timing perfect as she would have had to send it three days beforehand so that it would arrive on the exact day I needed that encouragement.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.  Ps 103 Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief! Mk 9


Preparing for Chapel

Tomorrow morning I have the amazing privilege of speaking at women’s chapel at Emmaus Bible College. When I was a student, I loved this event that only happened a few times a semester. We always had guest speakers, faculty wife’s speakers and even student speakers. Every time, I was so encouraged and empowered by the messages.  I always wondered what I would share if I had the opportunity to speak for chapel as a student. Well, this month I was  asked to be a guest speaker and I’m telling you, I have the jitters!

I’m so excited to bring the message that God has put on my heart from Ephesians 3:14-21. This passage has been on my mind since November and I’m still finding new gems from it as I dig deeper. It’s filled with empowerment and challenge as Paul prays for STRENGTH with the Spirit’s power and Christ’s indwelling to comprehend and KNOW His love  and thus be filled with ALL the fullness of God. This passage is dripping with God’s incredible power and strength and the reality that we have full access to that power and strength.  I strongly recommend taking a few minutes with this scripture. Take some time to challenge your focus and goals – do you greatly desire to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ  that surpasses knowledge? Are you asking for the strength to do so? Do you believe He will give you that strength?

If you think of it, you can pray for me that I would avail of some of His power and strength as I speak to the girls tomorrow. Pray that God’s Spirit would reach us with what we need to hear.


Hi, my name is Heidi. I’m a regular country girl from Iowa who the Lord has called to be a missionary in Ireland. I plan to move to Dublin this September. I’ll be working with a local church to start up youth ministry outreach, as well as Bible conferences, and I’ll also be helping out a bit with camps and other existing ministries around Southern Ireland.

I hope to update this blog often using different categories that are listed in the menu on the top of the page. These categories will be

  • Day to Day – Personal reflections on what God is teaching me
  • Ministry Updates – Quick stories of what the Lord is doing in the ministries I’ll be involved with
  • Points of Interest- Culture – Zoom in on different aspects of the culture so you can feel like you’re here with me
  • Video Updates – Just in case you get tired of reading ;]
  • Travel Adventures – I’m sure I’ll have a few funny or interesting stories from going on little adventures around this amazing country we call Ireland.